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Key Features

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    The YP20G - outstanding pumping performance

    600 litres per minute is impressive from such a compact and lightweight unit, but the YP20G's lively performance doesn't stop there. It will lift water high too, with a total head of 30m and a suction head of 7m - not to mention a priming time of only 120 secs at 5m. That's pumping Yamaha-style!

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    You'll appreciate the convenient re-fuelling arrangements

    While the economical 4-stroke Yamaha engine goes on running far longer than you might expect, to help even more we fit an unusually large 4.5 litre fuel tank, which of course means less frequent re-fills. For easy transport and storage, the YP20G also features a convenient On/Off petcock.

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    50mm/2" ports for simple connections

    For fast, easy connection of suction and discharge hoses, we use standard NPT (National Pipe Thread) fitting sizes. Of course, a full range of suction and discharge hoses specially chosen for Yamaha pumps are available from the Parts and Accessories division of Yamaha Motor Europe. Find out more at

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    Easy operation is a Yamaha speciality

    The YP20G is designed for day-to-day usability, with features like our Oil Watch Warning System, which automatically shuts off the engine when the oil level is low - it won't re-start until oil is added, avoiding damage and extending its life. The easy-access oil plug, cleanable spark arrestor and washable foam air filter help too.

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    Starting is a breeze with a Yamaha engine

    Not only do we offer you an auto-decompression system to make light work of the starter pull, but the electronic (TCI) ignition system provides a hot spark for consistently easy and effortless starting in all conditions. TCI also delivers outstanding economy and smooth running reliability.

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    4hp Yamaha 4-Stroke OHV engine - economical and quiet

    With the YP20G, you can simply pull the cord, relax and enjoy the smooth, reassuring - and quiet - power of the Yamaha MZ125 4-stroke OHV engine. This durable and efficient 123cc air-cooled unit provides plenty of torque and pumping power, but also delivers excellent economy, while running on regular fuel (OCT 95).

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    Built tough - built reliable - built to last

    From the tough, tubular wrap-around frame that protects the whole unit, to the cast iron pump case and impeller, the YP20G is engineered for great strength and extended durability. The carbon-ceramic mechanical seals reduce abrasion and friction - and are simple to replace. The pump case drain is easy to access too.

Technical Specifications

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  • Water pump specifications
    Lubrication system
    Maximum power
    3.0 kW @ 4000 rpm
    391 mm x 502 mm x 454 mm
    Inlet Suction Diameter
    50.8 mm
    Discharge port
    50.8 mm
    Maximum Capacity
    Rated output
    2.23 kW @ 3600 rpm
Not all models shown are available in every country. The specification and appearance of Yamaha products can vary from time to time without prior notice. Those shown here are only for illustrative purposes and are not contractual description of products. Water pump warranty is subject to specific conditions. For further details, please contact your Yamaha dealer.