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VX Limited

Key Features

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    TR-1 High Output 1049cc 3-cylinder engine

    The VX Limited is powered by the High Output version of our innovative 3-cylinder engine, the 1049cc TR-1. This compact and lightweight unit packs a real punch and offers lively acceleration and great top-end power, plus economy and reliability. The light weight of this engine also helps deliver superior handling, agility and balance.

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    Technology on the water - the pressure to move you

    Exhilarating handling and exciting performance are a hallmark of the VX Limited, and its outstanding bite and acceleration are made possible by a combination of the high-flow intake, the Hyper-Flow high-pressure jet pump and the stainless steel impeller, which runs within a precision-engineered housing.

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    Lightweight NanoXcel® hull and deck

    The hydrodynamic hull and deck are constructed from Yamaha's unique NanoXcel® – around 25% lighter than a conventional GRP – so the VX Limited offers extremely agile handling and optimum fuel efficiency. The hull and deck designs are also latest-generation, delivering space and stability, with extra storage and ride comfort.

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    Additional pull-up cleats

    VX Limited comes with a total of 4 pull-ul cleats.

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    Special towing hook edition

    The tow ring allows the VX Limited to be used for tow sports: mounted on the stern of the VX Limited just below the seat, the dedicated tow hook is an easy attachment point for a towrope.

Technical Specifications

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  • Engine
    Engine type
    TR-1 High Output, Three Cylinder, 4-stroke
    Bore x stroke
    86.0 mm x 78.0 mm
    Compression ratio
    11.0 : 1
    Pump Type
    155 mm Axial Flow
    Unleaded Regular Gasoline
    Fuel supply system
    Electronic Fuel Injection
    Fuel capacity
    Oil capacity
  • Dimensions
    3.35 m
    1.22 m
    1.19 m
    Dry weight
  • Features
    Storage Capacity
    Rider capacity
    1-3 person