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Brake Pads

Yamaha Brake Pads

Just take a second to consider what your brake pads do every time you ride. Each time you apply the brakes these pads are pushed by hydraulically operated pistons onto the disc surface under extreme pressure, creating high levels of friction that can bring your Yamaha to a standstill in a few seconds.

Most motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles and ATVs can stop more quickly than they can accelerate, and this outstanding disc braking performance is handled by a few square centimetres of non-asbestos friction material that is bonded to a pressure plate.

Yamaha Genuine brake pads are developed specifically for each Yamaha in order to achieve the best balance of braking performance and to suit individual model requirements. Compare this to some aftermarket pads that are made to fit a wide range of vehicles, regardless of their power, weight or type of use.

Genuine Yamaha brake pads benefit from a unique bonding process that ensures the friction material will remain attached to the pressure plate even when subjected to massive hydraulic pressure combined with extreme heat. Their specially developed non-asbestos friction material is made from metal fibre base materials and heat resistant fibres, giving powerful and consistent braking performance. And an anti-corrosion treatment keeps the pressure plate in good condition to ensure smooth and efficient operation in hot and cold climates.

Like all Genuine Yamaha parts, our brake pads are manufactured to the highest specifications using the best quality materials, and are subjected to rigorous testing before they are given the Genuine Yamaha seal of approval. This means that they will deliver strong, consistent fade-free performance - together with a proper balance of wear between the pad and brake disc - and will outlast and outperform an aftermarket pad every time.