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Yamaha oils and lubricants

Which oil for my Yamaha

Although invisible on the outside, your engine and all its components need to run in perfect harmony with each other. Depending on the engine type, age or the conditions in which it is being used, it will require a different type of oil. Like any engine, when serviced with the right type of oil, a Yamaha engine will run better, more reliable and it will deliver the best performance. To find out which oil is the right type for your Yamaha, please use the relevant pages in your instruction manual.

How we can help

If you have any doubts or if you would like an official Yamaha dealer to change the engine oil for you, our dealers are always happy to help. Our dealers work with genuine tools and equipment, and our Yamaha Training Academy keeps their knowledge fresh. They will ensure your Yamaha receives the best possible care. For all your questions, please visit our dealer locator to find a Yamaha dealer at a location near you.

What is Yamalube

Because oil plays such a vital role in an engine, our in-house engineers have developed a range of genuine Yamaha oils, care and cleaning products. Yamalube, a liquid engine component.

We conduct our oil development with teams of engineers and technicians specializing in mechanical engineering as well as chemistry. So, the engineers building the engine are the same ones developing its oil. We test and produce our oils to meet the highest and most strict in-house and international standards. You can rest assured that you’ll get great reliability and 100% of your Yamaha’s engine performance potential.

The reason for Yamaha Genuine

  • Created to be the ideal match
  • Surpasses international standards
  • Real-world testing
  • Long lasting reliability

Whichever Yamaha you ride, you can put your trust in any lubricant, part, accessory or service that comes with the Yamaha Genuine logo. By choosing Yamaha Genuine, you can be sure that your bike is maintained to the highest possible standards, giving you total peace of mind every time you ride. If your bike could talk it would insist on Yamaha Genuine. And your bike knows best!

Cleaning and Protection

Because we care as much about the outside of your Yamaha than its inside, Yamaha has developed a complete range of Yamalube® Careline products to protect the materials your Yamaha is made of. And as you can expect from Yamaha, every product has been thoroughly tested to meet your expectations and deliver the best result. Please visit our Careline pages to read more about how to maintain, clean and detail your Yamaha.

Our Yamalube range

Warning icon  Never drink or otherwise consume engine oil.