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    More driving force - the XTO OS propellers.

    These propellers are designed to cope with the extreme demands the owners of V8 XTO Offshore engines will make on them. So the hub and blades are larger, tougher and stronger - and they're crafted from duplex stainless steel for greater corrosion resistance. Last but not least, they feature our unique Shift Dampener System (SDS™).

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    New, thrust-enhancing exhaust system.

    This new engineering concept expels the exhaust via a combination of three different routes, depending on the RPM level. Put simply, the result is around 300% more reverse thrust (than the F350 for example) and better balance between forward and reverse thrust when manoeuvering with Helm Master® - plus greater efficiency at full power.

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    New levels of power, torque and control

    XTO stands for Xtreme Thrust Output because this awesome V8 unit delivers a totally new generation of power, performance and precision control never before available. Together, our XTO engines and unique Helm Master® system provide a seamlessly integrated total power and control solution for larger offshore boats. Explore the Extreme.

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    Convenience is important to any owner

    That's why the XTO has thoughtful features like these: The facility for an in-water gear oil change - with the boat still at the dock. A multi-part cowling that has quick-access locks and allows secure, easy access for maintenance and adjustments. A High Output system to provide stable 72A charging - and 58A charging even at low rpm.

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    Extreme performance demands tough technology.

    There can be no compromise on build quality and reliability at this level, so every bit of the XTO is built super-tough. From the massive crankshaft to the torque-absorbing heavy duty gears - and from the extra-large diameter prop shaft to the completely new gearcase design, with its low friction co-efficient and better cooling.

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    Ultimate efficiency from Direct Injection

    With our constant quest for ever-greater efficiency and economy, industry firsts often happen at Yamaha and the fuel system on the XTO is a good example - it's the first-ever Direct Injection 4-stroke engine. In fact, the XTO is packed with such advances, from the in-water oil change facility to the thrust-enhancing exhaust system.

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    Integrated electric steering - smoothly efficient.

    This highly efficient system, actually built into the motor unit itself, is not only lighter and less complex than a separate hydraulic system, but is cleaner to fit and operate - and far quicker and simpler to rig. What's more, the response time for the helmsman is faster and more precise - and the result even smoother.

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  • Motore
    4 tempi
    N. di cilindri/Configurazione
    Alesaggio x corsa
    Potenza all'asse elica a regimi medi
    Range operativo a piena potenza
    Sistema di accensione
    Rapporto di trasmissione
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    Altezza dello specchio di poppa consigliata
    Capacità serbatoio carburante
    Capacità coppa dell'olio
    Peso a secco con elica
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    Controllo acceleratore e cambio
    Drive By Wire (DBW)
    Sistema Trim & Tilt
    Power Trim & Tilt
    Modello contro rotante
    Shallow Water Drive
    Digital Network Gauge II (CL7)
    Shift Dampener System (SDS)
    Full tilt up angle