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Caratteristiche chiave

Caratteristiche Galleria
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    Yamaha 4-Stroke OHV engine - electric start

    The upgraded low-idle governor system warms the engine fast, even on a cold morning, quickly releasing all the smooth, quiet, reassuring power of this super-efficient Yamaha 4-stroke OHV engine. It’s the durable, well proven MZ300 air-cooled unit that provides masses of torque and snow-throwing power, but also delivers excellent fuel economy, running on regular OCT95 fuel.

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    Powerful dual-stage auger/impeller system

    The dual-stage auger/impeller system is designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions. The heavy-duty steel auger cuts a very wide path (72cms) and has a serrated cutting edge that breaks up even icy, hard-packed snow - ready for the high-speed impeller to propel it through the 2-step chute and throw it up to 17 metres away.

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    Plastic-lined chute and easy-to-use controls

    The 2-step chute has a smooth plastic liner which prevents the build-up of wet snow and also reduces noise and wear. Rotation is electric-powered, with convenient angle adjustment by a single lever. The interlock lever for auger and drive engagement is a one-handed operation too, leaving the other hand free to easily adjust speed or chute position on the fly.

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    Hydrostatic Transmission (HST)

    Our durable hydrostatic transmission system offers more precise speed control, as well as smoother shifts between Forward and Reverse, with the use of a single lever. This allows you to change speed - or stop - without disengaging the tracks or affecting the speed of the impeller. Nor will it affect the remarkable distance (up to around 17 metres) you are throwing that snow!

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    Electronically assisted turning system

    Think of this as Yamaha’s exclusive ‘power steering’ system – and the YS1070T is the very first snow thrower to have one! All it takes to change direction or turn smoothly through 180º is the flip of a switch on the handlebar. This unique feature is made possible by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that efficiently regulates and controls the turning system.

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    Tough rubber track drive system

    No slipping, no sliding - just great control. The rubber tracks are pliable, with large cleats for added grip when manoeuvring in difficult conditions. They provide good traction, even on steep driveways - and you can even expect this machine to climb steps when necessary. The system works in perfect harmony with the smooth Hydrostatic Transmission.

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    Gas-assisted auger tilt system

    The 2-stage steel auger - with its aggressive serrated edge, electro-magnetic clutch and 'Shock Protector' - also has a 3-position, gas-assisted tilt system with a 'float' setting that allows the machine to adapt smoothly to the snow conditions by following the ground contours. Tilt adjustment, even on the fly, is simple and quick, using a single lever on the control bar.

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    Easy-drain fuel tap

    This service-friendly feature not only turns the fuel supply on and off as required, but also incorporates a unique draining mechanism. When summer comes around, it is simple and quick to empty the fuel system (supply hose and carburettor) to prevent sludge build-up during storage.

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    Reliability and durability you can count on

    The Yamaha name is respected around the world for unmatched reliability and durability - and every Yamaha snow thrower builds on that heritage, with rugged materials such as thick steel for the heavy duty auger and chute systems, metal controls - and an oversized cast iron gear case. In short, our snow throwers are built to last.

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    Special equipment - that actually comes as standard

    Dual-stage auger with gas-assisted tilt, adjustable 'Snow Jaw' scraper, electric start, cleanout tool, new yellow LED work light, a fuel cock with carburetor drain facility, automatic safety cut-out system ... these are just a few of the practical features you'll find fitted as standard on the YS1070T. Result? Superior performance with ultimate ease of operation.

Specifiche tecniche

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  • Motore
    Monocilindrico, 4 tempi, Raffreddato ad aria, OHV
    Potenza massima
    Electric 12VDC battery type (std)
  • Capacità
    Altezza lavoro
    715 mm
    Housing height
    510 mm
    Snow clearing capacity
    Maximum snow throwing distance
  • Trazione
    Ground speed forward
    0 - 2.8km/h
    Ground speed reverse
    0 - 1.8km/h
  • Sistema di trivella
    350 mm
  • Chute control
    Raggio di sterzata
  • Dimensioni
    Capacità serbatoio carburante
    Engine oil capacity
    Peso in ordine di marcia (compresi serbatoi olio e carburante pieni)
    Lunghezza x larghezza x altezza
    1,568mm x745mm x 1,105mm
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