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Flat pedal Vice

  • yme-fmtbp-00-00 - Black
Détails du produit
Manufactured to Yamaha’s specification by VP components, the VICE platform pedal set gives you better power transfer and a greater range of foot and body positions for enhanced stability and stronger performance on the downhill or trail. With a flat surface equipped with 12 replaceable grip pins per side, these pedals enable you to get the most out of your Moro 07. Featuring a durable extruded and CNC machined aluminum body with LSL and sealed ball bearings, the VICE platform pedal set provides increased performance with superb durability.
Points forts
  • MTB applications
  • Downhill or trail
  • CNC machined aluminum body
  • Laser engraved VP logo
  • Light and durable
  • LSL and sealed ball bearings
  • Flat surface for optimum power transfer
  • 106x96x16mm
  • 12 replaceable grip pins per side