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Yamaha redesigns its YAM range

Yamaha redesigns its YAM range to offer stylish inflatables with lasting quality and an affordable price.

After more than twenty years of reliable performance across Europe, Yamaha has redesigned its YAM inflatable boat range. The new design philosophy honours the legendary durability Yamaha is known for while adding a fresh, modern look and a wide range of features. Together, it offers a new range of affordable YAM inflatables that combine high quality with great value-for-money.

The new YAM range consists of the following product series: The T-series (Tenders), S-series (Sport), and the STi-series (Sport Tenders). While the aforementioned have all been redesigned, the TA Aluminium R.I.Bs series remains as a part of the YAM product range with its pre-existing design.