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Ténéré Spirit

Yamaha’s Ténéré Spirit Project brings together all the elements that have created the best and most memorable experiences with Yamaha Adventure bikes. Encompassing the worldwide expeditions, to the people who live them and the bikes that carry them, the project is a celebration of the explorer spirit and a platform to tell the incredible stories that Yamaha has helped write. 


2020 Edition

Kap2Cap was a somewhat crazy project dreamed up by Laurent Cochet. The plan was to travel aboard the Yamaha Ténéré 700 from the North Cape (NordKapp) in Norway, the northernmost point in Europe, all the way to the Cape of Good Hope at the southernmost tip of South Africa, in aid of the charity Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. Joined by Amaury Baratin, the dynamic duo crossed 24 countries in just two months, taking time out during the trip to meet children who'd been treated by Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.

Next Horizon: The World

2019 Edition

Next Horizon: The World sees Nick Sanders take on his tenth circumnavigation of the world, a remarkable achievement for the veteran British adventurer. Setting out from the UK, the expedition takes Nick across the globe, delivering a diverse journey through the most incredible environments, sights and cultures on the Ténéré 700. Discover hidden places and unique encounters, survival moments and unexpected circumstances together with us!


2019 Edition

As part of the launch the all-new 2019 Ténéré 700, a unique and remarkable adventure takes place: the re-tracing of the legendary 1998 Paris-Dakar race route with Nick Sanders. This journey goes along some of the most memorable destinations along the route, celebrating the competition that inspired generations of adventurers to discover new parts of the world and test themselves and their bikes on some of the world’s harshest terrains.

The World Raid

2018 Edition

After the T7 concept machine of 2017, the Ténéré World Raid is an improved prototype given to a number of hard-core riders in a quest to put it to the ultimate test. The 2018 World Raid is a world-hopping event that shows Yamaha’s unquenched thirst for adventure and desire to push to the limit and beyond.This is what the Next Horizon is about - that sense of purpose runs all the way back to the legendary Ténéré 600 of 1983 and is in the DNA of every new Adventure bike built by Yamaha.

Next Horizon