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Yamaha proudly prolongs its position as official Motorcycle Partner to European Grand Cycling Tours

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The success continues

Since 2019 Yamaha Motor Europe has been the Official Motorcycle Partner to the major Grand Cycling Tours throughout Europe, and this successful partnership has been extended for another 3 years. Yamaha is proud to continue its comprehensive support for the prestigious Grand Cycling Tour events and races with a variety of Sport Touring models, including the 3-wheel NIKEN, as well as the TRACER 9 and TRACER 7.

The Yamaha motorcycle fleet provides crucial support to the races and the cyclists, including medical assistance, communication, regulation, guidance, transportation of drinks, and wheel changing. Yamaha is providing 20 to 45 motorcycles per race, depending on the varying requirements of each particular tour.  

The partnership is a joint venture involving Yamaha Motor Europe working with many national Yamaha distributors in France, Italy, Spain and Benelux, and this close cooperation underlines the brand’s sporting DNA and commitment to the cycling scene.

Symbiotic Partnership

Yamaha’s continued association with the Grand Cycling Tours perfectly reflects the Roads of Life philosophy that shapes the brand’s Sport Touring machines. This philosophy dictates that motorcycles such as the NIKEN, TRACER 9 and TRACER 7 provide outstanding sporting performance together with all round versatility and serious long-distance abilities. All these aspects are profoundly explored during the Grand Cycling Tours, testing the cyclists in the races as well as the riders on the Yamaha support motorcycles. Participating in these races almost requires a symbiotic relationship between man and machine.

A new logo has been designed to celebrate Yamaha’s continued position as the official Motorcycle Partner of the Grand Cycling Tours. Combining elements from both the cycling and motorcycle worlds, the design incorporates a visual exclamation mark that expresses the pride that Yamaha feels as a key partner within the Grand Cycling Tours.

Yamaha Grand Cycling Tours logo

Grand Cycling Tours plus over 20 other races

Yamaha’s competitive attitude and drive to succeed resonates with the philosophy of the organizers of the Grand Cycling Tours through Europe. The partnership with A.S.O., UniPublic and R.C.S. ensures Yamaha will be closely involved in the most famous and iconic races such as the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and La Vuelta. In addition to the most well-known tours Yamaha is also proud to be supporting more than 20 other races – including absolute classics such as Paris – Roubaix, Strade Bianche and Klassica de San Sebastian.


2022 Grand Cycling Tours schedule

Giro d’Italia – Starting in Budapest

May 6th – May 29th 2022

Tour de France – Starting in Copenhagen

July 7th – July 24th 2022


Vuelta a España – Starting in Utrecht

August 19th – September 11th 2022


New Yamaha partnership with Belgian Cycling

Besides the existing partnerships with A.S.O., UniPublic and R.C.S. Yamaha is pleased to announce a new partnership between Yamaha Motor Benelux and Belgian Cycling. Through this partnership the NIKEN GT will be used in an impressive 120 races throughout Belgium. 


Shimano livery on Yamaha motorcycles

Shimano will use the TRACER 7 GT and TRACER 9 GT models to provide support during many European races, and each Yamaha motorcycle will be dressed in the Japanese company’s corporate blue livery.

NIKEN – all weather, all surface riding confidence

During the last three years the revolutionary NIKEN has proven its worth on the Grand Cycling Tours’ most demanding routes, through diverse weather types and in a variety of challenging situations. Featuring specially designed equipment and accessories, the NIKENs have provided invaluable support during the races, and their ability to perform well in every situation    exemplifies the performance, reliability and quality associated with Yamaha motorcycles.

The NIKEN’s innovative Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology is what makes this model unbeatable in the extreme conditions and constantly changing road surfaces associated with the Grand Cycling Tour races. From snowy Alpine passes through to slippery and bumpy cobblestone roads on the route of Paris-Roubaix, the NIKEN has proved to its undisputed handling performance on the most challenging terrain – inspiring an increased feeling of confidence amongst its many riders.

See Inside the Tours

It is said that nothing stops the Tour – and even COVID-19 could not stop the Grand Cycling Tours of Europe. These classic events continued to run against all the odds, with the determined organizers ensuring that these historic and immensely popular public events were able to go ahead while at the same time providing a protective bubble for all staff. Yamaha have produced a short docuseries covering the experiences of the NIKEN riders during the editions of 2021 Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and La Vuelta.

Get an insider’s look into the Tours as seen by the Yamaha support riders, who tell their stories about some of the experiences on the road – from the French ‘Opi-Omi’ incident to the Spanish finish in Santiago de Compostella.