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    New engine

    The liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-valve, 250cc fuel-injected engine features a forward-positioned straight downdraft intake with symmetrical intake and exhaust ports. A new higher-compression piston and new valves deliver outstanding engine character with a focus on top-end power delivery, and the lighter cylinder is more upright to improve mass-centralization.

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    Exclusive Power Tuner App

    Like the flagship YZ450F, the all-new YZ250F now features a Communication Control Unit (CCU) as standard. Using the Power Tuner app, you can adjust air/fuel mixture and ignition timing maps to tune engine performance for track conditions, record race log information, and monitor a range of data such as maintenance, diagnosis, run time, and more.

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    New ECU map switch

    The new two-mode switchable engine mapping allows you to instantly adjust engine character ‘on the fly’ with the push of a button, making it easy to fine tune the YZ250F for changing track or weather conditions while riding, or in between motos or practice sessions.

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    Lightweight electric starter with lithium-ion battery

    Mounted near the chassis centre to maintain a good weight balance, the YZ250F’s light and compact new electric starter system ensures instant restarts during races and saves you time and effort. Powered by a high-capacity and ultra-lightweight four-cell lithium-ion battery, the system adds minimal weight.

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    Compact new body and seat design

    The YZ250F features new bodywork from tip to tail, including a new compact fuel tank specifically designed for motocross demands. In addition to shaving weight, the new body design is narrow for more comfortable knee grip and feeling of control, and the seat is updated to give the rider additional room to move aboard the machine.

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    New bilateral beam frame

    The YZ250F’s all-new bilateral beam frame further heightens the sense of agility to make the new model one of the best handling bikes in its class. Larger upper frame bracing improves rigidity and durability, while wider rear frame spars and all-new engine mounts centralize mass for the best possible balance of bump absorption, stiffness and feeling of grip.

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    New suspension

    Larger diameter KYB® coil spring-type forks give optimized rigidity for improved feel – while a refined speed-sensitive damping mechanism provides exceptional balance for race-winning handling. A new lightweight KYB® rear shock has been developed for the new chassis and features an increased reservoir capacity for more controlled damping characteristics.

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    New lighter-feeling clutch

    To match the new engine, the 2019 YZ250F is equipped with an all-new clutch with a reduced spring load, giving a much lighter feel at the clutch lever, with excellent operational feel at half clutch. Featuring much thicker friction plates, this heavy-duty clutch ensures enhanced performance, excellent controllability and increased durability.

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    Updated radiator design

    New larger radiators are angled more directly into the incoming air flow for improved cooling under the most demanding race conditions. Inside the engine the water pump is equipped with a new aluminium impeller, and features rerouted coolant pipes that enhance durability under the toughest racing conditions.

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    New axle brackets & wheel collars

    To give improved feedback from the track surface when braking, the YZ250F’s new forks are fitted with larger front axle brackets featuring new shape wheel collars that ensure a higher level of front end rigidity. The increased sensitivity enables you to assess the front wheel traction levels more accurately, giving you greater control.

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    New cam chain assembly

    To accommodate the engine’s higher performance, there’s a new high specification cam chain guide manufactured from Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR), giving excellent mechanical strength and high resistance to heat, oil and pressure. Featuring a newly designed tensioner, the new assembly reduces the load and offers greater stability.

Tehničke specifikacije

Specifikacije (PDF)
  • Agregat
    Tip agregata
    Hlađenje tekućinom, 4-takta, 4-ventila, DOHC
    Provrt x hod
    77.0 mm x 53.6 mm
    Omjer kompresije
    13.8 : 1
    Maksimalna snaga
    kW (KS) @ okr/min
    Verzija sa smanjenom snagom
    kW (KS) @ okr/min
    Maksimalan okretni moment
    Nm @ okr/min
    Sustav podmazivanja
    Mokri karter
    Tip kvačila
    Mokro, Višestruki diskovi
    Sustav paljenja
    Sustav pokretanja
    Sustav prijenosa
    Stalan otvor, 5-brzinski
    Završni prijenos
    Fuel consumption
    CO2 emission
  • Šasija
    Dvostruke grede
    Kut prednje vilice
    Sustav ovjesa sprijeda
    USD teleskopske vilice
    Sustav ovjesa straga
    Hod ovjesa sprijeda
    310 mm
    Hod ovjesa straga
    315 mm
    Prednja kočnica
    Hidraulični disk, Ø270 mm
    Stražnja kočnica
    Hidraulični disk, Ø245 mm
    Prednja guma
    80/100 - 21 51M
    Stražnja guma
    100/90 - 19 57M
  • Dimenzije
    Ukupna dužina
    2175 mm
    Ukupna širina
    825 mm
    Ukupna visina
    1285 mm
    Visina sjedala
    970 mm
    Međuosovinski razmak
    1475 mm
    Minimalna udaljenost od tla
    335 mm
    Težina (s punim spremnikom ulja i goriva)
    106 kg
    Kapacitet spremnika goriva
    Kapacitet spremnika za ulje