Billet Foot Pedals Adjuster Kit

B34-FRESE-00-00   -   Black

Kit that replaces the original foot pegs and pedals and enables to alter the position of the foot pegs and brake and shift pedals.

  • Foot pegs, rear brake pedal and gear shift pedal positions are adjustable
  • Provides best foot pegs position
  • Provides best rear brake pedal position by excenter
  • Provide best gear shift pedal position by excenter
  • No free play thanks to bearing journals during light and extra smooth operation of rear brake and gear shift pedal
  • Dedicated and high quality design by Gilles.Tooling enforces the looks
  • Features Yamaha and Gilles.Tooling logos

Suitable for 1 great model

  • XSR700


    '16 '17