50L Top Case Touring

1MC-F84A8-30-00   -   Tech Graphite

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Large high-quality top case for extra luggage/storage capacity and specifically designed for long-distance journeys.

  • EU-registered design
  • Can hold two modular or full face helmets or your riding gear
  • Chrome protector on outisde
  • Embossed Yamaha logo
  • Features rubber feet to keep the top case stable when put in upright position on the ground
  • Combine it with the optional available 50L Top Case Touring Inner Bag and 50L Top Case Touring Passenger Backrest and comfort is all yours!

Suitable for 3 great models

  • FJR1300A


    '15 '16 '18
  • FJR1300AE


    '15 '16 '18
  • FJR1300AS


    '15 '16 '18