Soft ABS Side Cases

BC6-F84B8-00-00   -   Black

Stylish and functional soft ABS side cases set for extra luggage capacity on long-distance tours

  • Soft ABS Side Cases are easily attached to / removed from the Soft ABS Side Cases Stays
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Styled to match your Yamaha
  • Include convenient hand carry grip
  • Include anti-theft locks


Require separately available highly-engineered Soft ABS Side Cases Stays.

Suitable for 4 great models

  • MT-10


    '16 '17 '18
  • MT-10 SP

    MT-10 SP

  • MT-10 Tourer Edition

    MT-10 Tourer Edition

    '17 '18
  • Tracer 700

    Tracer 700