Öhlins Cartridge Kit NIX 22

FKS-20300-00-00   -   Tech Gold

This Öhlins cartridge kit consisting of 22 mm piston diameter and 8 mm piston shaft replaces the standard one. It allows for stable damping characteristics thanks to positive pressure build up and a more precise adjustment.

  • Proven Öhlins NIX technology featuring compression damping in the left leg and rebound damping in the right leg
  • Delivers loads of performance with stable damping characteristics while ensuring great comfort, contributing to your riding confidence
  • Adjustment for compression, rebound and spring preload easily accessible at the top caps
  • Suitable for road and track
  • Easy to install in standard front forks
  • System replaces complete inner work and is easy to replace, but we recommend installation by an Authorised Yamaha dealer


To install the cartridge kit the rider's weight dependant optional Öhlins Front Fork Spring Kit is required. Also, we recommend to install and service the optional Öhlins accessories with the Ohlins Front Fork Oil for optimal performance.

Suitable for 1 great model

  • MT-03