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High end sports motor


Pure Ride

Yamaha's worldwide acclaimed flagship model, the PW-X, is reborn as the PW-X2, keeping the original "Pure Ride" concept of powerful and sharp pedaling response, and adding improved power support at the higher cadence range.


  • Steady high power at high cadence

    The new PW-X2 is even better at delivering the necessary power when the rider needs it the most. At 100rpm, power delivery is up to 50% higher than its predecessor.

  • Automatic Support Mode for E-MTB Ride

    The PW-X2's exclusively tuned Automatic Support Mode delivers optimal assist in settings ranging from trail riding to racing by choosing from the bike's three riding modes -Eco, Standard, and High- as conditions demand. The system reduces assist on level roads but boosts power on steep inclines to offer fine-grained assist feel that makes it seem like it's reading the rider's mind.


The three pillars of the "Pure Ride" concept.

  • High Output

  • Quick Response

  • Compact & Lightweight

High Output

Truly powerful as Yamaha sees it means ability to deliver the power the rider wants quickly and dependably. Get the power you need, when you need it.
In addition to "steady high power at high cadence", the PW-X2 features the exclusive Extra Power Mode (EXPW).
With EXPW mode, the unit better harnesses the motor's power thanks to the drastically improved cooling effects. It not only improves assist torque in all ranges; compared with conventional models, it also better maintains assistance up to high rpm. In addition, it offers robust support to riders recovering from tight turns or climbing challenging steep slopes.
When you find yourself facing a real challenge, just turn on the Extra Power!


Image on the right: Support mode comparison

Support mode comparison

Quick Response

Exclusive mechanical components and control program realize an unparalleled level of maneuverability.
The reduced backlash of the ratchet mechanism and light-weight designs for major moving parts, such as the axle shaft and reduction gear, contributes to a quicker, more direct response to pedaling.
In EXPW mode, we more finely tuned the output characteristics of the motor so that it could retain massive power while delivering a sophisticated blend of quick response and maneuverability.

  • Freewheel comparison
    Exclusive ratchet mechanism drastically reduce backlash

  • Driving force characteristic
    Quick Response

Compact & Lightweight

Making the drive unit more compact, means not simply reducing the overall weight of the machine, but also refraining from interfering with the ideal frame design.
Yamaha thoroughly lightened the design by 380g by adopting a hollow axle shaft, using a thinner driven gear, and reducing the case thickness, while simultaneously reducing volume by nearly 13% compared with the first generation PWseries motor. We also adopted the 128mm ISIS interface BB Axle commonly used in MTB in response to expectations for a more authentic ride.

  • Outer size comparison against the first generation PWseries motor.
    13% more compact design by volume

  • Hollow axle shaft and Driven gear
    Weight reduction with an aggressively lightened design


  • Drive unit: Center Motor
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Rated power: 250 W
  • Max. torque: 80 Nm (EXPW) / 70 Nm (High/STD/Eco/+Eco)
  • Max support Speed: 25 km/h
  • Support Mode (5 modes):  EXPW / HIGH / STD / ECO / +ECO