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2021 YZ450F

Tune in to victory.

The compact engine comes with a lightweight rearward slanted cylinder that maximizes the performance of the high compression head, forged piston and aggressive camshaft profiles. And using the Power Tuner app on your smartphone you can make instant trackside mapping adjustments and tune the engine power characteristics to gain a real advantage in all riding conditions.

Its lightweight aluminium bilateral frame has been designed to give an idealized balance of rigidity for precise handling and agile cornering – while the industry-leading coil spring-type forks and linkage rear suspension deliver exceptional balance.

At a glance

  • Ultra-compact 450cc engine: power with control
  • Light and compact rearward-slanted cylinder
  • Yamaha Power Tuner app for instant track-side tuning
  • Handlebar switch for easily adjustable mapping
  • Compact electric starter with ultra-light battery
  • Launch Control System for quicker, smoother starts
  • Advanced fuel injection system for optimum power
  • Angled radiators ensure effective engine cooling
  • Robust transmission for positive shifting
  • Compact mass-centralized wraparound exhaust
  • Lightweight aluminium frame for agile handling
  • Class-leading front and rear suspension systems
Full Features & Techspecs


Yamaha has been building winning motocross bikes for five decades. During this time the MX world has seen the rapid development of new technologies that have transformed the sport. And the YZ450F’s Power Tuner app enables you to connect to your bike and fine-tune the engine settings to suit your riding style or track conditions – taking your motocross experience to the next level.

360° quick view

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