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Genuine Yamaha

The best care for your Yamaha

  • Whichever Yamaha you ride, you can put your trust in any part, service or lubricant that comes with the Yamaha Genuine logo.

    By choosing Yamaha Genuine parts, accessories and services you can be sure that your bike is maintained to the highest possible standards, giving you total peace of mind every time you ride.

    If your bike could talk it would insist on Yamaha Genuine. And your bike knows best!

  • Whether you’re new to the Yamaha family or you’ve owned many different models over the years, you can always expect to be welcomed like an old friend when you visit your authorized Yamaha dealer. Talk to any of our people who work in sales, parts or service and you’ll soon realize that these guys have a real passion for what they do – and when you take your bike in for a Genuine Yamaha Service it will be treated by our knowledgeable staff as if it’s their own.

Why it always pays to stay Genuine

No one understands a Yamaha better than the team of people who designed and manufactured it – and each model is the result of many years of intensive research and development.

So when it’s time to book a routine service or buy some new parts, it really does make sense to stay Genuine and benefit from the expertise of trusted professionals. Because whether it’s a Genuine Yamaha Part, Genuine Yamaha Service or Yamalube lubricant, staying Genuine ensures that your Yamaha will continue to run safely, efficiently and reliably.

Staying Genuine also means that you’ll maintain your bike’s resale value. And more than that, you can relax and enjoy every ride by knowing that your Yamaha is 100% authentic!

Genuine Yamaha
  • Yamaha Genuine Parts

    Your Yamaha is made up from hundreds of premium quality components that work together in perfect harmony. Every single piece plays a crucial role in making your Yamaha greater than the sum of its parts.

    From the smallest bolt through to larger items such as wheels and exhausts, each Genuine Part is designed and manufactured to Yamaha’s extremely high quality standards. By fitting Genuine Parts you can be sure that your Yamaha will continue to perform safely, reliably and efficiently – giving you total peace of mind.

  • Yamalube: A liquid engine component

    No one else understands a Yamaha engine as well as the people who designed it – and Yamalube is the company’s own range of premium quality lubricants that have been developed by factory engineers to meet the specific needs of Yamaha products.

    Yamaha engineers regard lubricant as being a liquid engine component that is one of the most important parts of your bike – and by using the correct Yamalube oil you can enhance your Yamaha’s performance, reliability and durability.

  • Warranty and Service History

    By choosing Genuine Yamaha Service, you will benefit from the reassurance of full Yamaha Motor Factory Warranty, offering you carefree riding and peace of mind in the unlikely event that your Yamaha requires any unforeseen repairs.

    In addition, evidence of service and maintenance at an authorized Yamaha dealer also enhances the bike’s resale value in the future.

Ten good reasons to put your trust in an authorized Yamaha Dealer

  • Yamaha Dealers have in-depth knowledge of your Yamaha
  • Only original Yamaha parts, accessories and Yamalube lubricants are used
  • Our workshops are fully equipped with only the best tools
  • An authorized Yamaha dealer has access to official documentation
  • Our technicians are trained at our official Yamaha training centers
  • You’ll always be up to date with the latest technical information and updates
  • Repair and maintenance pricing with transparent costs
  • Your Yamaha will have a better resale value in the future
  • Yamaha professionals love what they do and treat Yamaha vehicles with the greatest care
  • Your Yamaha will deliver optimal performance and reliability in every situation

Warning icon  Never drink or otherwise consume engine oil.