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Land Oils

The choice for Genuine Yamalube Land Oils

Whether you are using a motorcycle, scooter, ATV or riding a Yamaha snowmobile, our Yamalube® Land oils offer a suitable product for every Yamaha and every specific type of condition in which it is being used.

  • High Temperatures
    As engines get hotter, oil temperature can exceed 160°C, putting every part under heavy strain. Designed for exceptional engines Yamalube® is designed to work under the most extreme conditions.  

  • Meets JASO MA standards (selected products)
    Oils that are JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation) MA certified resist clutch slippage, do not leave ashy deposits, and meet anti-corrosion and wear standards.

  • Lubrication
    The blend of oils and additives in Yamalube® oil minimize frictional loss for high performance, while protecting against ring wear and piston scuffing.

  • Sealing
    Yamalube® oil forms a seal between the piston rings and cylinder wall, preventing pressure leakage from the combustion chamber and keeping the compression ratio stable, for a more efficient engine.

  • Stress dispersion
    Impurities like dirt and abrasive powder can build up inside engines and affect performance. Yamalube® oil disperses them in the form of small particles to keep the oil flowing smoothly.

  • Faster gear changes, longer life
    Yamalube® oils’ high film-strength protects your engine and gearbox enabling faster gear changes and ensuring a longer life for your engine.

  • Anti-corrosion and anti-foam
    Anti-corrosion and anti-foam features ensure maximum protection of the engine’s internal components at high-rpm speeds.

Warning icon  Never drink or otherwise consume engine oil.