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The importance of an oil change

Engine oil is vital to the operation and performance of the engine, and its effectiveness gradually decreases with use. Leaving oil to degrade without replacement can lead to poorer engine performance, and in the worst-case scenario, total engine failure. To ensure your Yamaha’s engine remains in the best condition possible, scheduling and carrying out regular oil changes is part of preventative maintenance and a good habit to have as an owner.

The Roles Engine Oil Plays
Although it is usually referred to as a lubricant, engine oil has six key roles to play.

Why You Need to Regularly Replace Your Oil

  • Prevention of rust and corrosion of metal surfaces
  • Sealing prevents leakage and increases airtightness
  • Cleaning suppresses impurities and protects engine parts
  • Cooling absorbs heat and disperses it outside
  • Wear reduction of sliding and rotating parts
  • Buffering disperses the stress imposed on gears and parts
If you have any doubts or if you would like an official Yamaha dealer to
change the engine oil for you, our dealers are always happy to help.
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