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What is Yamalube?

What is Yamalube?

If the engine is the heart, then oil is the blood

An engine is often referred to as the ‘heart’ of a motorcycle, and just like a human heart, it is central to the operation of the vehicle. But with so many parts and components rotating and revolving at high speeds, tolerating high stresses, and subjected to high temperatures, it is a harsh environment. So if the engine is the heart, then the oil is the blood. And just like blood, oil has many roles to play in keeping the engine healthy and long-lasting.

"If you don’t use a proper oil, the engine basically won’t last long, just like how blood affects a person’s lifespan." — Yoshinobu Yashiro, the father of Genuine Yamaha engine oil.

Yamalube engine

Over 65 years of R&D

Beginning shortly after our founding in 1955, our pursuit to better understand and enhance the integral relationship between an engine’s mechanisms and the oil has won us a wealth of knowledge and experience. From this foundation, we have developed Genuine Yamaha oil for all of our products, from motorcycles and outboard motors to snowmobiles and ATVs. Each bottle of Yamalube® represents the culmination of over half a century of in-house oil R&D.

Built for performance

Yamalube® is committed to racing, whether this is MotoGP, the World Superbike Championship, World Supersport, the FIM Motocross World Championship on land, or the Personal Watercraft Championship on water, Yamaha products are built to the most exacting standards, for the best results in the toughest environments. With countless competition victories, Yamaha vehicles have, time and again, proven their class-leading performance and reliability.

Wanting the best for our products, Yamaha’s engineers believe that conventional engine oils don’t provide the performance and protection to meet their high standards. Yamalube® engine oils are made from a combination of base oils, additives and solvents, chosen and mixed to work perfectly for every Yamaha you are using, in the most demanding conditions.

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