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Take your ride to the next level!

Take your ride to the next level!

The Yamaha MyRide app is the engaging new way to express your inner rider and share it with the world at large. The app allows every rider, whatever they’re riding, to track and store their rides in one easy to access account. It lets you create your own tales from the road, adding pictures to journeys you’ve loved or are heading out to discover for the first time.


The Yamaha MyRide app allows you to browse the rides of other users and download the GPS Exchange Format (GPX) * files to your own navigator. So if you see a ride that you can’t wait to try, now you can get out there and experience it for yourself. The app also lets the you keep a detailed list of all of the bikes you’ve ridden and tested, whatever the brand or model. 

There’s no easier way to record meaningful and detailed ride information than with the app. Everything from lean angle, acceleration, speed, elevation and even brake power is tracked and stored for future evaluation or to be shared via social media. So however you ride, you can always keep an eye your progress and impress the world with your personal statistics.


If you’re ready to take your ride to the next level, download now and get riding with the Yamaha MyRide app today! 

* GPX is a file-format designed to provide GPS data format to software applications like navigators or GPS viewers. It can be used to describe waypoints, tracks, and routes

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