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Discover the new 2019 snow-conquering Yamaha line-up!

Discover the new 2019 snow-conquering Yamaha line-up!

In the Cross over segment we introduce The new Sidewinder L-TX 137 LE – for mile after mile of trail-blazing fun.

A truly dynamic and exciting trail-blazing machine with all the advanced technology found on the other sidewinders, plus the latest state-of the art Fox ® iQS (intelligent Quick Switch ) shock damping system. With iQS, a simple handlebar switch lets you adjust the damping electronically to suit the conditions. , instantly and on-the-fly. 

In the utility category the new MP600 XE Transporter is powered by a lively 599 cc , 2cylinder engine. This tough and practical machine will appeal to many owners for leisure as well as work. The Camso ® 154 track with its 2.25”lugs provides optimum traction which is very valuable when exploring deep snow and provides great grip for tight manoeuvering.