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Yamaha MyGarage

Configure your dream Yamaha bikes in stunning real-time 3D

Yamaha MyGarage

Building Bikes to Believe in

MyGarage offers you the chance to build your dream collection of Yamaha motorcycles and/or scooters under one roof. It gives a modern and easy-to-use way to experience how your dream machines might look like with accessories fitted.

The bikes are rendered using a powerful 3D high-end-real-time-engine enabling you to them from any angle in high-definition.


  • This extensive range covers every Yamaha you could wish for; your perfect Yamaha is simply a download and a few clicks away
  • The MyGarage app will include all the new models, accessories and colours before they hit the stores
  • Fill your personal garage with your dream bikes
  • Take photos from any angle to share your bikes with your friends
  • Compare prices of different models and configurations
  • Send your ultimate machine(s) directly to your local Yamaha Dealer to schedule a test drive, request a quote or get more information

The Award-winning Yamaha MyGarage apps have been acknowledged as one of the most popular (with 1 Million downloads since 2016) powered-two-wheeler apps on the market for motorcycle customization.


Luaţi-vă creaţiile cu dvs.

Construiţi-vă cea mai bună motocicletă Yamaha, cu uimitoarea tehnologie 3D la 360°. Alegeţi un model, adăugaţi opţiuni -- şi priviţi cum motocicleta dvs. cu configuraţie personalizată prinde viaţă în faţa ochilor dvs.!

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