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Key Switches

Reliability truly does start here

For reliability right from the start, count on Yamaha key switches and panels. Available in single, twin and triple panels they allow for the easy ignition of multiple outboards. Built marine-tough, all connections are rubber coated or o-ring sealed to lock out corrosion, and wires and connections are color-coded for easy installation.

This system allows for the ignition of up to three outboards with a single key. With matching start/stop panels and an “All Start/Stop” function, you can start multiple engines successively and stop them simultaneously - with the touch of a button.

  • Single main station

  • Twin/Triple Engine Main Station Switch

  • Twin Engine Start/Stop Switch



    Triple Engine Start/Stop Switch

  • All Start/Stop Switch

  • Dual Station Selector

  • Dual Station Single Engine Start/Stop Switch

  • Single Engine Main Station Switch Panel with Lanyard