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New R7: Next generation Supersport from Yamaha

Where R/World Meets Yours

Yamaha’s R-Series line-up has welcomed the arrival of the next generation Superport, that has the potential to open up R/World to a whole new audience.

Named in honour of one of Yamaha’s most iconic World Superbike factory race bikes, the new R7 has been created to introduce many younger riders to the thrills, excitement and pride of ownership that comes with every R-Series.

With its clear focus on pure riding excitement, accessibility and affordability, the new R7 represents an exciting new dimension to the R-Series Supersport family. And its 689cc CP2 engine delivers extremely strong standing start and roll-on acceleration together with a very real feeling of mounting excitement as the revs rise. Whereas the Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch delivers smoother gear shifting and prevents engine over-rev and rear wheel hop during hard braking, as well as providing a significantly lighter feel at the lever.

R7 takes slimness and compactness to another level, and features a lightweight backbone style frame that is designed to deliver responsive and agile handling as well as fast and nimble directional changes. Fully-adjustable KYB 41mm inverted front forks provide a high level of stability together with confident roadholding on racetracks and twisty roads.
Equipped with clip-ons, rearsets and a solo-style rider’s seat, the R7’s ergonomics are ideal for realising a tucked-in riding position that enables the rider to achieve optimum control together with the greatest possible aerodynamic efficiency.

R7’s compact and athletic outline allows the rider to be in charge of the machine, rather than the machine dominating the rider. With a wet weight of just 188kg and featuring the smallest frontal areas of any R-Series model, the bike is most aerodynamic and highly accessible, so riders can become an integral part of this new generation Supersport.
With its aggressive twin-eye glare and YZR-M1 MotoGP bike style M-shaped air duct, there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the R7 is a full-blown member of the R-Series family.

The dynamic new R7 is available in two colour options – Icon Blue and Yamaha Black. Deliveries to European Yamaha dealers will commence from October 2021.

Technical Highlights

  • Compact, high-torque, 689cc, CP2 crossplane technology engine
  • Available in full and 35kW versions
  • Ultra-compact design with pure R-Series DNA
  • Highly aerodynamic full fairing with aluminium lower cover
  • High specification inverted 41mm front forks
  • Link-type Monocross rear suspension with newly designed shock
  • A&S clutch
  • Lightweight tubular frame with aluminium centre brace for tuned chassis rigidity
  • Clip-on handlebars and lightweight rearsets with stylish heel guards
  • Sporty and adaptable tucked-in riding position
  • Aggressive R-Series twin-eye face with LED position lights
  • Powerful central LED headlight
  • Lightweight 10-spoke cast alloy wheels
  • Radial mount front brake calipers with Brembo radial master cylinder
  • Supersport cockpit design with full LCD instruments
  • Central M-shaped front air duct
  • Powerful 298mm front and 245mm rear brakes
  • Slimline 13-litre fuel tank with deeply sculpted knee indents
  • R-series style tail
  • 120/70 front tyre, 180/55 rear tyre