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Yamaha Motor introduces 2023 novelties at Düsseldorf Boat Show

Yamaha Motor introduces 2023 novelties at Düsseldorf Boat Show

Yamaha Motor’s outboard portfolio reflects a deep understanding of a diverse array of customers, their boats, and their requirements. Whatever our customers may need to enhance their fun and enjoyment on the water, here at Yamaha we’ve got it covered by products designed to perform and engineered to last. The Düsseldorf Boat Show represents the first opportunity to see the new XTO 450hp V8, 200hp and 150hp outboards since their launch in January 2023.


Introducing New Helm Master® EX Bow Thruster compatibility and 6X9 Digital DBW Remote Control


The Helm Master® EX is instrumental in retaining Yamaha’s position as the go-to boating systems provider, and is now compatible with selected Bow Thruster units, enabling additional control to all helmsmen, and a particular advantage to those on larger boats with increased windage. Combining Helm Master® EX with a Bow Thruster simplifies all manoeuvring in close quarters by controlling everything from one simple joystick. No more jumping between throttles, steering wheels and bow thruster controls – just one simple, intuitive joystick to control engine power and direction.

Yamaha Remote Controls set the standard for operator comfort, convenience, and flexibility. The 6X9 drive-by-wire remote control throttle unit is suitable for single and multi-engine boats and now features an integral start-stop engine control button negating the need for additional controls, thereby freeing up more space.