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Driving Schools

Driving school

The Yamaha MT-07 is the ultimate bike to start your motorcycle experience. Because of this and Yamaha's durability it is also the ultimate bike for riding lessons. For this application Yamaha have developed a dedicated riding school kit for the MT-07.

This kit may not look like regular kits with tubes all around the bike. Our engineers have examined the bike to determine which are the vital parts if the bike drops during special maneuvers and inching. At the same time they consulted key countries to understand local needs and requirements for driving school kits as developed in the past for previous Yamaha models.

With this in mind our engineers have developed a dedicated kit to protect the vital parts of the bike. This way the bike maintains its fresh look. Instead of using tubes and bars we have replaced them with strong and solid sliders and various parts of the frame and axle. New entry customers will feel more proud driving an MT-07 with minimum extensions but maximum protection.

MT-07 Driving School kit

The MT-07 driving school kit consists of the following parts.

  • Rear Axle Protection (1WSF11D30000)
  • Engine Protection (1WSF11D10000)
  • Hand Guard (1WSF11D81000 for model year 2021 and newer,
    1WSF11D00000 for model year 2020 and older)
  • Engine Protection Low (1WSF11D20000)


  • Genuine Yamaha quality
  • No bike modifications required
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Vital protection of key parts of the bike
  • Bike's visual identity is preserved
  • Durable engineering and materials
  • Kit consists of four parts; spare parts can be ordered