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  • All-new 450cc engine with optimized settings
  • CCU care acceptă aplicația Power Tuner
  • New handlebar mounted switch adjusts engine mode
  • New YZ450F-based lightweight bilateral beam frame
  • Revised KYB® suspension for stable & smooth ride
  • Rezervor de combustibil subțire, cu masă centralizată, de 7,9 litri
  • New light, slim and sharp body & headlight design
  • Tough new skidplate and new speed sensor
  • New shrouds and easy-access air filter box design
  • Durable new clutch, 5-speed wide-ratio gearbox
  • New narrow, lower and more accessible seat
  • Tough new wear-resistant in-mould graphics
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    Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Yamaha encourage you to ride safely and respect fellow riders and the environment. Images shown depict professional riders performing under controlled conditions. Specifications and appearance of Yamaha products as shown here are subject to change without notice and may vary according to requirements and conditions. For further details, please consult your Yamaha dealer.