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    All-new 450cc engine

    For 2019 the WR450F benefits from an all-new reverse head engine that’s designed to give you an even wider spread of smoother and more controllable power. New camshafts, cylinder head and piston give a higher compression ratio for increased performance, and revised fuel injection settings and new ignition mapping gives you improved control in technical terrain.

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    New Power Tuner app

    Yamaha’s Power Tuner app allows you to adapt your WR450F’s engine character and performance to suit different riding conditions – and you can also access engine data. Using your smartphone with the Communication Control Unit (CCU), it’s easy to adjust the air-fuel mixture and ignition timing to achieve optimum performance.

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    New adjustable engine modes

    When you’re riding in the dirt you’ve got to be prepared to encounter constantly changing surface conditions as well as extreme weather. With the new switchable engine modes you can now select the appropriate power delivery using the handlebar mounted switch, enabling you to take control and everything from slow, technical terrain through to high-speed tracks.

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    New YZ450F-based lightweight beam frame

    The all-new frame is slimmer and lighter, making it feel much more agile through twisty, rocky and technical terrain. The aluminium bilateral beam frame is constructed with optimized levels of rigidity, giving much lighter handling together with accurate surface feedback – enabling you to maintain higher levels of control over bumps and on slippery surfaces.

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    Revised KYB® front and rear suspension

    Featuring new internals with longer high-rate springs, the industry-leading Air-Oil-Separate front forks provide stable damping characteristics over all types of terrain. For 2019 the rear shock is fitted with a lighter spring and the reservoir capacity is increased by 30cc to ensure more effective rear damping for increased stability.

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    Slim, mass-centralized 7.9 litre tank

    For increased riding time between refills, the new WR450F is equipped with a larger 7.9 litre fuel tank featuring a compact fuel pump. The increased capacity has been achieved by extending the tank’s lower section towards the centre of the bike – a move that improves mass centralization and ensures a slim and compact body design.

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    New light, slim and sharp bodywork

    Get on the new WR450F and you’ll appreciate how much this bike has changed for 2019. The new frame and radiators have enabled Yamaha’s designers to fit much slimmer bodywork that looks and feels so much more agile that you could imagine you’re on a 250. And the all-new headlight assembly reinforces the lightweight feeling and underlines the bike’s total redesign.

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    New skidplate and speed sensor

    The new model gets a larger and lighter plastic resin skid plate that is designed protect the frame, engine, hoses and water pump and prevent mud and stones from accumulating in any cavities around the crankcases. And a newly designed speed sensor makes removing and refitting the front wheel much easier and quicker.

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    Easy-access air filter box

    As well as its new high performance engine and lightweight frame, the 2019 WR450F gets new radiators and stylish new shrouds. A redesigned air intake funnel and free flow filter contributes towards more linear performance with stronger traction – and for quicker and simpler maintenance, the new airbox can be opened manually without the need for any tools.

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    Durable new enduro clutch

    The tough new enduro-specific clutch uses special new heat-resistant frictions plates that can withstand harsh operating conditions – and there’s a much lighter pull at the lever, giving you better feel for improved controllability. And for optimum performance in low and high speed situations, the WR450F is equipped with a 5-speed wide-ratio transmission.

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    New lower and narrower seat

    Whether you’re sitting down or standing up, the new seat’s slimmer design makes it easier to shift your body weight. As well as being 2cm narrower in the front section, the middle and rear sections of the seat are also lower, enabling you to move backwards or forwards more easily for a higher degree of control when cornering, accelerating or braking.

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    New wear-resistant in-mould graphics

    To help keep your new WR450F looking good the bodywork has been fitted with tough new wear-resistant graphics. By being moulded within the actual plastic bodywork, these graphics can better withstand the constant onslaught of mud, dirt and pressure washers that every dirt bike experiences on a regular basis.

Specificaţii tehnice

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  • Motor
    Tip motor
    Răcit cu lichid, 4 timpi, 4-supape, DOHC
    Capacitate cilindrică
    Alezaj X Cursă
    97.0 mm x 60.8 mm
    12.5 : 1
    Putere maximă
    Cuplu maxim
    Sistem de ungere
    Carter umed
    Tip ambreiaj
    Umed, Disc multiplu
    Sistem de aprindere
    Sistem de transmisie
    Angrenaj constant, 5-viteze
    Transmisie finală
    Injecţie de carburant
  • Şasiu
    Cadru semidublu
    Unghi rolă de direcţie
    Sistem suspensie faţă
    Furci telescopice
    Sistem suspensie spate
    Basculă, (suspensie de legătură)
    Cursă faţă
    310 mm
    Cursă spate
    318 mm
    Frână faţă
    mono disc hidraulic , Ø270 mm
    Frână spate
    mono disc hidraulic, Ø245 mm
    Anvelopă faţă
    90/90-21 54M
    Anvelopă spate
    130/90-18 69S+M
  • Dimensiuni
    Lungime totală
    2,165 mm
    Lăţime totală
    825 mm
    Înălţime totală
    1,280 mm
    Înălţimea scaunelor
    965 mm
    Baza roţilor
    1,465 mm
    Gardă minimă la sol
    325 mm
    Greutate la plin (inclusiv plin de benzină şi de ulei)
    123 kg
    Capacitate rezervor carburant
    Capacitate rezervor ulei