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TRIC™ Ice Scratchers

  • sma-icesc-02-st
Detalii produs
The kit provides additional snow spray in hard-packed icy conditions to help reduce rear suspension hyfax wear and engine overheating. It creates a steady stream of ice crystals to provide both lubrication for the rear skid frame and additional cooling to the heat exchangers on liquid-cooled machines. Features stainless steel cables and adapters which can be rotated to allow for left or right applications. Also includes stainless steel hardware with universal mounting brackets.
  • Includes 1/4" threaded replaceable carbide stud
  • Se comercializează în perechi
  • Allows operation of the reverse gear
Snowmobiles are built to operate within their design limits. For durability, reliability, but most important of all, operator safety, under no circumstances should the recommended capacities identified in the owner's manual be exceeded. Consult your snowmobile dealer when selecting a snowmobile for your particular needs. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Always ride responsibly and within your limitations, respecting the environment as well as country and local laws. The riders depicted are professionals: don't attempt to emulate them. The specifications, measurements and appearance of Yamaha products will be varied from time to time without notice, and as shown here are illustrative only and are not a contractual description of products. Some models are shown with optional accessories.