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Caracteristici esenţiale

Caracteristici Galerie
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    Fuel-injected 1049cc 3-cylinder engine

    One of the most respected engines in the snowmobile world, this smooth 3-cylinder unit is a joy to use at any altitude - in any conditions. An economical 4-stroke with our very latest re-calibrated fuel injection system, it delivers excellent cold-start performance, instant throttle response and huge pulling power across the rev band.

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    LE - could it mean Luxury Extras?

    In addition to its service-friendly Gen II body and smart digital gauges, with the new feature of easy toggle-switching between displays, this LE model features a Mountain seat, new Stealth handle bar controls, hand and thumb warmers and a new push-down kill switch ... not to mention the push-button electric starting and reverse.

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    Agile, responsive chassis - low weight with high strength

    The super-tough chassis, specially engineered for our latest Mountain models, features aluminium construction with a high load-bearing, triangulated design to keep weight low and strength high. The result is razor-sharp agility and a superbly balanced ride, with dynamics to complement a wide variety of riding styles.

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    A comfortable way to hit the back country!

    While the striking colour and graphics scheme on the Gen II body is a real eye-catcher, even more practical are the luxurious Mountain seat, Stealth handle bar with strap, thumb warmers - and steering post geometry. They all combine to give you comfortable control over the gutsy power train and the dynamic, agile chassis.

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    QS3 front suspension with SRV-M spindle

    The unique suspension and ski geometry is designed to cope with the demands of this machine's natural deep snow and back country habitat. For the front of the B-TX LE 153 we've chosen FOX® Zero QS3 shocks to deliver ultra-responsive handling and the QS3's 3-way adjuster knob allows super-quick selection of your chosen damper settings.

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    Dual Shock SR 153 rear suspension for stablility and control

    The SR Viper B-TX offers a range of adjustment and tuning options at the rear, with its FOX® 1.5 Zero QS3 shocks package. What's more, the special springless suspension developed for these models greatly reduces the amount (and weight) of built-up snow under the machine, to give you better stability and control.

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    High-performance Camso® Power Claw track

    A stunning performer in extreme conditions, the Camso® Power Claw track, specially chosen for this SR Viper, features 2.25"/57mm lugs. The track is driven by extrovert drive sprockets which mesh precisely with holes in the track, acting like a gear mechanism to deliver outstanding levels of grip and propulsion.

Specificaţii tehnice

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  • Motor
    Tip / cilindree
    2 timpi / 1,049
    Răcit cu lichid
    Alezaj X Cursă
    82.0 mm x 66.2 mm
    41mmMikuni x 3, injecţie cu combustibil, lichid încălzit
    Concept consum
    Sistem de aprindere
    Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
    2 supape, eşapament spate
    Ambreiaj / transmisie
    YVXC, Raport variabil, Schimbător electronic marşarier, Carcasă şi cutie lanţ din magneziu
    Sistem de frânare cu disc
    Frână hidraulică cu cilindru principal radial / Disc pe ax
  • Suspensie
    Sistem suspensie faţă
    SRV-M New Spindle
    Amortizor faţă
    FOX® 1.5 ZERO QS3
    Cursă faţă
    229 mm
    Sistem suspensie spate
    Dual Shock SR 153
    Amortizor spate
    FOX® 1.5 ZERO QS3 / FOX® 1.5 ZERO QS3
    Cursă spate
    394 mm
  • Măsuri / Dimensiuni
    Înălţime totală
    1,260 mm
    Lungime totală
    3,360 mm
    Lăţime totală
    1,219 mm
    Direcţie l x L x H
    381 mm x 3,886 mm x 44 mm
    Tip direcţie
    Camso® Power Claw 2,25”
    Postură schi (com. la com.)
    1,016 -1,041 mm
    Capacitate rezervor carburant
  • Caracteristici
    Demaror electric
    Radiatoare mână & degete
    Tip faruri, watt
    60/55W Halogen
    Randament DC