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20 Years of TMAX


Two decades after the introduction of the very first TMAX, Yamaha has created TMAX 20th Anniversary to mark the outstanding achievements of one of the most loved and revered designs in the company’s history. Featuring a range of exclusive equipment and offered in a unique Tech Graphite colour, the TMAX 20th Anniversary celebrates the continuing success of the world’s most successful Sport Scooter, and gives TMAXers the opportunity to own the ultimate version of this truly remarkable Yamaha.


The world’s first Sport Scooter transformed the way that thousands of TMAXers lived their lives! Powered by a 500cc 2-cylinder rigid-mounted engine and equipped with a sophisticated chassis, the revolutionary Yamaha TMAX was the very first machine to offer motorcycle performance with scooter comfort and convenience.



The world’s best-selling Sport Scooter was taken to the next level with a more powerful fuel-injected engine, while handling quality was enhanced with new front forks as well as a larger-diameter 15-inch rear wheel and dual front disc brakes. Also new for 2004 was a parking brake, and ABS was offered as an option.  



After seven consecutive years as Europe’s most popular Sport Scooter, the iconic TMAXreceived a major redesign with dynamic new bodywork and a  sharply upswept muffler. Handling performance was refined with the  of a strong and lightweight cast aluminium frame, as well as new higher specification 43mm diameter forks and a larger-diameter 15-inch front wheel. 



TMAX has never stopped evolving, and Yamaha’s programme of continuous Sport Scooter development saw the introduction of an even more powerful 530cc 2-cylinder engine with belt transmission – as well as a new lightweight aluminium swingarm that gave more responsive suspension action for a smoother ride. 



By 2015 the TMAX had been the world’s best-selling Sport Scooter for 14 consecutive years! New motorcycle-type upside down front forks tookhandling  to the next level and reinforced its class-leading specification – while state-of-the-art radial-mounted front brake calipers underlined this Sport Scooter’s premium status.  



With its premium features and luxurious new body style, the 6th generation was surely the most controversial design in the TMAX’s 16-year history. It wasalso the most technologically advanced, and came equipped with YCC-T and TCS, and was also available in two new special versions: SX featured D-MODE and My TMAX Connect, while DX had all of this plus electric screen, heated grips and seat, cruise control and more.   



2020 witnessed the launch of the most powerful TMAX ever seen! Its new 560cc 2-cylinder engine delivered even higher levels of performance for fast long-distance commuting and thrilling leisure riding – and aggressive new bodywork reaffirmed its status as the ultimate Sport Scooter.


TMAX Facts

✓ World’s first ever Sport Scooter 
✓ Motorcycle performance combined with scooter comfort and convenience 
✓ 10 Special Editions launched between  2006 and 2016 
✓ Europe’s best-selling Sport Scooter every year for 20 years 
✓ Nearly 300,000 TMAX sold in Europe