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Discover our versatile range of battery powered Personal Transport Vehicles, designed to deliver uncompromising levels of comfort and luxury for use on private properties.

Here at Yamaha Motors, we look at the features that really matter to our customers when designing our personal transport cars.

Whether that’s longer driving range, quicker charging time, supreme interior comfort or superior comfort due to Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), our industry leading durable, efficient, high performing vehicles are designed to deliver maximum comfort and true luxury, on every trip.

Explore the Personal range

Drive Types

Make the environmentally positive switch to one of our AC/AC PowerTech vehicles, which are virtually silent and feature rechargeable electric batteries that don’t compromise on performance or efficiency and are ultra-low maintenance too. Alternatively, benefit from a hyper efficient, easy to maintain and powerful EFI QuieTech engine, the quitest petrol engine in its class.

Battery-powered AC/AC PowerTech models

The pairing of our high-efficiency electric motors with high-performance batteries, ensures you’ll enjoy all the benefits of our whisper quiet, zero emissions personal transportation vehicles. Yamaha offers three battery types: our standard AC, Trojan T-875 AGM and the Lithium-Ion.

Our latest range of personal transportation vehicles provide a winning combination of luxury, comfort and high-performing maintenance free batteries designed to power you and your guests around your property 24 hours a day. 


Lithium-Ion Trojan T-875 AGM Trojan T-875
Lithium-Ion battery power means greater range, a faster charge, and faster speeds due to a lower weight. Plus, zero maintenance. When you’re looking for performance on hilly courses, great range, zero maintenance and a fully recyclable battery, try our AC AGM Model. Enabling whisper quiet driving over a good range and a quick charge, our AC Models offer an ultra-reliable Trojan T-875 battery.

Petrol-fuelled EFI QuieTech models

Industry leading fuel economy, excellent performance, reduced emissions and almost as quiet as an electric motor. That’s EFI QuieTech.

The QuieTech EFI engine is the ideal choice for all your personal transportation needs, with the lowest decibel output of any petrol car, less hydrocarbon emissions and featuring independent rear suspension, ensuring a luxuriously quiet ride, whatever the conditions.