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Smooth and responsive steering

Yamaha’s Digital Electric Steering (DES) means steering is quick, accurate and responsive, allowing for better control than you would find on a conventional hydraulic steering system. When combined with the Helm Master EX Joystick, taking  your boat through the marina will no longer be a stressful task.

  • Adjustable lock-to-lock settings

    Whatever the situation or preferences, you will find altering the steering easy using the compatible Yamaha touchscreen displays to adjust the variable lock-to-lock steering settings (four-to-nine rotations).

  • Adjustable steering friction

    For best control over heavy seas or choppy water, the automatic steering friction (100 – 200 percent) engages based on outboard rpm, while comfortably steering at low speed. Using the CL5 or CL7 displays, this steering friction can also be adjusted manually. 

  • Tilting and non-tilting helms available

    Yamaha’s DES can be operated by Yamaha’s non-tilting helm, while a tilting helm can be included to add comfort during your open water adventures. 

  • Clean and spacious motor well and bilge

    With no large pipes or long cables cluttering up the cabin area, the DES requires much less space as conventional (hydraulic) steering, keeping the cockpit a comfortable area for you and your passengers.

  • Low electricity consumption

    The DES system does not constantly draw amps like many typical power steering pumps and you get additional charging power than hydraulic systems, opening the door for more electronics to be used without worrying about battery health. 

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