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Key Features

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    Digital Network Gauges (optional)

    All our EFI engines can be linked, via Yamaha's own network system, to a wide range of digital instruments - to help you get the best from your engine. A multi-function tachometer displays RPM, engine hours, trim angle, oil pressure and warning lamps. The combined Speed & Fuel Management gauge shows speed, fuel tank level and economy data.

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    2.8 litre DOHC 4-cylinder with 16 valves, VCT and EFI

    This thoroughbred engine delivers excellent combustion efficiency across the RPM range with features like EFI, 4 valves per cylinder, DOHC (Double Overhead Camshafts) - and Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT). A blend of advanced technologies offering exceptional horsepower-per-litre and a high power-to-weight ratio.

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    Special offset crankshaft delivers a compact design

    We designed the 200hp to be ultra-compact and the special offset crankshaft and gear-driven balance shaft are just two of the many technical advances pioneered by our engineers to help achieve that aim. The labyrinth exhaust system, with its water-sealed outer walls make it exceptionally quiet too.

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    Electronic ‘drive-by-wire’ throttle and shift (200hp (G) only)

    Offering the driver simple, comfortable control, the optional Digital Network System automatically synchronises engines in twin or triple installations and offers a one-touch Start/Stop button. Our Premium multi-function display gauge, with its 5" LCD colour screen is another attractive option for the 200hp (G) model.

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    Variable Trolling RPM control

    Another feature of the optional Digital Network System is the handy button on the tachometer which gives you instant control of the engine RPM - making it simple to adjust the engine speed in convenient steps of 50 RPM between 650 and 900 RPM. Smooth, relaxed cruising is the reward.

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    SDS (Shift Dampening System)

    First introduced for our larger V8 and V6 models, Yamaha's patented Shift Dampener System (SDS) is a great feature that significantly reduces the 'clunk' sound normally associated with moving between gears. A splined rubber hub and aft washer absorb noise and vibration, in a carefully engineered solution that gives smoother, quieter gear shifts.

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    Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) option

    Yamaha's unique Y-COP immobiliser system is a simple, easy to use and highly effective option – the neat and simple remote control locks and unlocks the engine at the push of a button. This prevents your outboard engine being taken for an unauthorised joyride, offering you peace of mind when leaving your boat unattended.

Technical Specifications

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  • Engine
    Engine type
    No. of cylinders/Configuration
    4/In-line, 16-valve, DOHC with VCT
    Bore x stroke
    96.0 mm x 96.2 mm
    Prop shaft output at mid range
    147.1 / 5,500 rpm
    Full Throttle Operating Range
    5,000 - 6,000 rpm
    Lubrication system
    Wet sump
    Fuel Induction System
    Ignition / advance system
    Starter system
    Electric with Prime Start™
    Gear ratio
    1.86 (26:14)
  • Dimensions
    Transom height
    Fuel tank capacity
    Oil pan capacity
    Weight without propeller
    226kg - 227kg
  • Additional Features
    Remote control (F200F), Drive By Wire (DBW - F200G)
    Trim & Tilt method
    Power Trim & Tilt
    Light coil / Alternator Output
    12V -50Awith rectifier/regulator
    Engine immobilizer
    Counter Rotation Model
    Available (ETX)
    Variable Trolling Speed
    With DN Gauges or m-f tiller handle
    Shallow Water Drive
    Tilt limitter
    Dual Battery Charging System
    Digital Network Gauge (6Y8/6YC)
    Digital Network Gauge II (CL7)
    Optional (F200G)
    Shift Dampener System (SDS)
    The kW data in this sheet is based on the ICOMIA 28 standard, measured at the prop shaft