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2019 XMAX 300 IRON MAX

Winter Pack

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Product Details
Fend off those nasty winter chills and wet rainy rides with the Winter Accessories Pack. Nothing compares to riding on bright sunny days, but the warmth from the grip heater and the wind & rain protection from the apron can make winter weather conditions a little more bearable and a lot more comfortable. Winter days also bring less optimal battery performance and to make sure your XMAX is always ready, the Winter Pack contains a battery indicator panel as well as a battery charger – to keep your battery at its best for every ride. Winter Pack content: Content: Apron | Grip Heater (incl. connector cable and throttle guide kit) | Yamaha Battery Charger | Battery Indicator Panel
  • Apron: keep your legs warm and dry, in all weather conditions
  • Battery Indicator Panel: traffic light style indicator panel indicates your battery condition
  • Yamaha Battery Charger: analyses and charges the battery before automatically switches to maintenance charging
  • Grip heater: design integrated grip heater to keep your hands warm, by varying the heater intensity