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Can’t get to EICMA? Worry not, we’ll bring EICMA to you with this 360° virtual tour of the Yamaha booth!

You can “look around” our 360-degree video stream from our booth at EICMA by using the directional controls in the upper left or by dragging your mouse around in the video window!

As you know Yamaha's philosophy has always been to offer a wide range of innovative and exciting products that appeal to the different requirements of each and every customer. With its dynamic shapes, fluent motion and cutting edge technology, the completely new Yamaha booth at EICMA looks set to be one of the most popular destinations for show goers. Customers will be able to move seamlessly from segment to segment, where they can find the model that is ready to satisfy their desires and fulfill their dreams - on the street, track or dirt.

In the past few years the Yamaha brand has been responsible for launching some of the most successful vehicles that have captured the imagination of riders all over the world. Our new breed of Supersport, MT and Sport Heritage motorcycles have established themselves as clear class leaders by offering dynamic design together with a new kind of riding emotion. Don’t miss them in this gallery and virtual tour!