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Yamaha manufacture ATV and Side-by-Side products with features that ensure maximum flexibility and comfort for operational requirements.

When terrain seems impenetrable or the weather closes down, normal methods of transport struggle, Yamaha’s range of true off-road champions rise to the challenge; your choice has never been greater and all with the knowledge that through life support is there when you need it.

Where access is limited or equipment is needed quickly (such as mountain rescue calls), a Yamaha ATV can be an invaluable tool with its 120 Kg rack carrying capacity and 500 Kg towing ability proving its worth, and with a 4 psi “footprint”, an ATV causes minimal marking to the land being operated on.

The Yamaha Side-by-Side offers a great combination of a true two person off-road transportation capability, combined with superior storage and towing capabilities. Already identified as an ideal mountain rescue / fire tender, the Viking offers versatility for Professional User applications.

A full range of Yamaha All Terrain Vehicles gives options for all budgets and requirements. Already well established in many fields, and with a number of proven Professional User development trialed, you can be assured that Yamaha can provide machines to suit your needs.