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2021 Sidewinder X-TX LE 146


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    Luxury and comfort all the way

    The LE version of our Sidewinder X-TX makes off-trail riding a real pleasure, with luxuries like a heated Mountain seat, dual-switched hand/thumb warmers, push-button electric start and reverse - and a neatly designed super-short windscreen. There are spacious stowing facilities too, including goggle and belt bags and a tunnel storage bag.

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    998cc Genesis Turbo 4-stroke engine

    The most advanced and powerful engine ever to hit the snowmobile industry, this smooth, flexible 3-cylinder unit breathes easily at any altitude - in any conditions. Massive torque and pulling power are assured across the rev band, with instant throttle response and no 'turbo lag'. A genuine power revolution in the 'real' 180HP class.

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    Asymmetric double wishbone front suspension

    A special characteristic of this exciting machine is its unique front suspension geometry, with widely spaced lower and upper A-arms mounted asymmetrically to the chassis bulkhead. The FOX® QS3 shocks deliver ultra-responsive handling - yet are strong enough to take plenty of punishment on trails and tracks in the back country.

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    J-hook handlebar and tall riser

    A tall, lightweight aluminum riser sets the handlebar at the right height for maximum control in fresh powder. This pivot-adjustable riser allows you to choose the optimum angle for your own riding position. The straight J-hooked handlebar with mountain strap also makes control easier and gives precise feedback from the front suspension.

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    VERSATTAK 146 rear suspension

    This set-up combines trail technology with Mountain features and character. The Uncoupled Torsion Spring rear suspension improves weight transfer, playfulness and off-trail ability. The FOX centre HPG and rear 2.0 QS3 shocks combo is ideally suited to the crossover customer who values off-trail capability as much as on-trail compliance.

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    Yamaha YSRC clutch system

    The technically advanced YSRC clutch is designed to handle the impressive torque and high power output of the 998cc Yamaha 4-stroke engine. Shifting is extremely efficient with a fast backshift response to match. The high strength castings, efficient cooling and finely tuned settings combine to give excellent V-belt durability and low maintenance.

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    Deluxe instrument panel with dual digital displays

    Multiple sensors ride on board with you, continously monitoring engine data to provide essential rider information. In addition to speed, rpm, fuel, oil temperature and pressure, a wide range of trip-related data can be selected. Like a clock with hour-meter, 'Distance Travelled' information - and even an altimeter!

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    High performance Camso® track with extrovert drive

    Recognised as the best performer for acceleration and cornering, the Camso® track features 2.0" (51mm) lugs and is driven by extrovert drive sprockets which mesh precisely with holes in the track. Acting like a gear mechanism, it delivers outstanding levels of grip and propulsion in all conditions.

Tekniska specifikationer

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  • Motor
    4 Stroke / 998
    Borrning och slag
    80.0 mm x 66.2 mm
    Turbo boosted 41mm Mikuni x 3, bränsleinsprutning, vätskevärmd
    2 ventiler
    Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
    2 ventiler
    Koppling / växellåda
    YSRC variator, Variabel utväxling, Elektrisk backväxel, Kedjehus och kåpa i magnesium
    Broms system
    Hydraulisk skivbroms med radiell huvudcylinder / Bromsskivan monterad på drivaxeln.
  • Fjädring
    Fjädringssystem fram
    SRV-M New Spindle
    Främre stötdämpare
    FOX® 1.5 Zero QS3
    Fjädringsväg fram
    229 mm
    Fjädringssystem bak
    Versattak 146
    Bakre stötdämpare
    HP Gas 1.5 / FOX® 2.0 Zero QS3
    Fjädringsväg bak
    343 mm
  • Mått/Dimensioner
    1,190 mm
    3,353 mm
    1,200 mm
    Drivmatta (tum) B x L x H (")
    15 tum x 146 tum x 2.0 tum
    Drivmatta (mm) B x L x H (mm)
    381 mm x 3.708 mm x 51 mm
    Camso® Challenger 2.0”
    Spårvidd cc
    1,016-1,041 mm
  • Utrustning
    Strålkastareffekt (W), typ
    60/55 W LED