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Gilles Tooling

GILLES: Driven by function

When experienced racer Gerhard Gilles became frustrated with the quality and availability of existing motorcycle components in the 1990s, he decided that the only solution was to start making his own parts.

His first ever creation was a pair of lightweight adjustable rearsets that he made for his own race bike. These special parts attracted a great deal of attention in the paddock, and the orders soon came flooding in from fellow racers who recognized the innovative design and high quality of the Gilles product.

Bring your dream to life

Fit Gilles Tooling products on your dream motorcycle

Add your Gilles Tooling accessories to your motorcycle in our online configurator. Bring your dream motorcycle to life and see how it looks from every angle.

Inspired by the growing demand for his custom-made premium cycle parts, Gerhard founded Gilles Tooling in the year 2000, and in the past two decades this German company has grown from strength to strength. With their race-bred DNA and a total commitment to quality, Gilles Tooling and Yamaha share the same core philosophy, and the Genuine Yamaha Accessories range features a wide choice of Gilles parts that are specifically designed to fit your Yamaha.

Having started out manufacturing rearsets, Gilles Tooling has expanded its operations into many other areas, including brake and clutch levers, handlebars and risers, protectors, chain adjusters and much more. Each component is manufactured from the very highest quality materials, and is designed to enhance your motorcycle’s functionality, looks and ergonomics.

Gilles Tooling for your bike

Before you decide to purchase a new Yamaha, you can bring your dream life in our online configurator or fit your own selection of Gilles Tooling parts using the MyGarage app on your mobile phone. It’s the best way to see how your bike looks with your chosen Genuine Accessories – and when you’ve made your final choice simply send the accessorized bike details to your local Yamaha dealer who will build your own unique model for you.

Please visit our online configurator or download our MyGarage App to see how the system looks from every angle. If you like what you see – your Yamaha dealer can supply and fit your Gilles tools, and you can start to enjoy the many benefits that this Genuine Accessory has to offer!



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With our state of the art 3D MyGarage App, you can build your own unique Yamaha, take it with you and show it to your friends. The MyGarage App includes all genuine Yamaha accessories, including Gilles Tooling products, to bring the experience of building your Yamaha to another level.

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