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Equipped with high-back seats that are designed to accommodate 2 full-size adults, this is one of the most comfortable ways to get out there. Its compact chassis gives outstanding levels of agility and maneuverability - and the powerful 850cc parallel twin cylinder engine produces plenty of torque for easy low speed control in technical terrain.

With a smooth-running Ultramatic transmission and our switchable On-Command drive system with 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock, the Wolverine X2 gives you more confidence and control!

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  • Zmogljiv nov 850 cm3 agregat z dvema vzporedno nameščenima valjema
  • Samozavestna vsestranskost za vse terene
  • Tih, z gladkim delovanjem in udoben
  • Vzdržljiv, trpežen in prilagodljiv
  • Odličen za nove in izkušene voznike
  • Visoka raven zmogljivosti, udobja in samozavesti
  • Odličen za prosti čas in lažja dela
  • Tackle toughest terrain with SE Piggy back shocks
  • Kompaktna in okretna šasija, nizko težišče
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Wolverine X2 R-Spec SE ALU

The Wolverine X2's compact short-wheelbase chassis is built to handle technical terrain with total confidence. The ground clearance and vehicle geometry combines a planted feeling with ultimate terrain ability

Wolverine X2 R-Spec SE ALU
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    Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Yamaha encourage you to ride safely and respect fellow riders and the environment. Images shown depict professional riders performing under controlled conditions. Specifications and appearance of Yamaha products as shown here are subject to change without notice and may vary according to requirements and conditions. For further details, please consult your Yamaha dealer.