Born tomorrow

The XSR700 makes a serious statement. Designed to take a timeless feel built on historical icons, matched with tomorrow’s technology for a pure, entertaining riding experience. With deep torque and a super agile chassis, it’s for those who appreciate heritage and love to ride.

The cutting edge 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine features our special 'crossplane philosophy' enabling it to develop linear torque for outstanding acceleration. The retro styled XSR700 also benefits from a tight and lightweight chassis for outstanding agility and handling.

The XSR700 takes the best of design from Yamaha’s history in homage to the past but is very much the motorcycle of tomorrow.


from € 7 290,00

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    • Built for optimum riding enjoyment
    • Vintage inspired headlight and rear light unit
    • Two-texture leather vintage style seat unit
    • Pirelli Phantom tyres with authentic tread pattern
    • Outstanding fuel efficiency
    • Aluminium fuel tank unit
    • Liquid-cooled 689cc inline 2-cylinder 4-stroke
    • Mass-forward design with sculpted bodywork
    • Crossplane philosophy design with 270-degree crank
    • Deep and powerful linear torque output
    • Dual 282mm front discs with 4-pot calipers and ABS
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