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Free technical upgrade checker


Yamaha’s goal is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and our team of engineers is always looking to improve the performance of your Yamaha, whether it's a motorcycle, scooter over 51 cc.

Due to continuous market analysis we may identify a component or assembly that needs to be modified or replaced in order to ensure the overall ride quality. In many cases these free technical modifications are carried out during routine servicing. However, if you would like to check whether your Yamaha requires a modification before your next service, please enter your VIN* (Vehicle Identification Number) in the space below.

* VIN: identifikační číslo vozidla (17 míst).
VIN naleznete v dokumentaci vozidla.

Příklady VIN:

  • JYARP13A000000016
  • VG5RE061000000017

Formát VIN:
Velká písmena. Bez mezer. Bez pomlček.