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2018 Yamarin Cross 54 Bow Rider

For family boating this would be tough to beat

This very capable, solid-feeling boat easily accommodates up to six passengers and the deck area is spacious enough to carry a surprising amount of stores and goods. Thanks to the user-friendly design of the tread areas, boarding and disembarking is just as easy as moving between bow and stern.

The sleek, strong hull has been tried and tested in professional use and the 54 Bow Rider is a sparkling performer when paired with a Yamaha engine of up to 70 hp.

V okamihu

  • BayStar hydraulic steering
  • Two Yamaha LAN multi-function meters
  • Door between consoles
  • Offshore seats and cushions
  • 2 secure stowages with a single (Abloy) key-lock
  • Integrated navigation lights
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Yamarin Cross 54 Bow Rider

A Yamarin Cross is always ready to take you on an adventure, whether it's a summer trip to a nearby island, a day of high speed water sports - or gliding quietly along with your fishing lines out. Whatever your choice, no other boat will deliver better handling and performance, while the sleek, sturdy hull guarantees a relaxing, comfortable ride for everyone.

Yamarin Cross 54 Bow Rider
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    Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Yamaha encourage you to ride safely and respect fellow riders and the environment. Images shown depict professional riders performing under controlled conditions. Specifications and appearance of Yamaha products as shown here are subject to change without notice and may vary according to requirements and conditions. For further details, please consult your Yamaha dealer.