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2018 Yamarin Cross 64 Bow Rider

Základné funkcie

Funkcie Galéria
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    Great driving position

    The stylish console, with its Yamaha multi-function meters and Sea Star hydraulic steering, has a superbly comfortable and well designed seat. The sturdy windshield gives the skipper protection from wind and spray.

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    Aluminium deck

    The impressive-looking black aluminium deck/floor is provided as standard.

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    Comfortable and spacious layout

    The large, open bow space, with its practical L-shaped couch is a superb place to ride in comfort.

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    Glove compartment

    Spacious locking glove compartment and cup holders.

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    Storage space is a special feature

    A handy detachable seat/storage box is placed in front of the driver's position, while even more space is provided under the co-driver's console, along with mounting space for an ice box (optional accessory).

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    Stowage for canopy

    The canopy compartment is a standard feature that is both elegant and functional.

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    Great perfomance and handling

    This boat really is the true all-rounder, ready for anything, from water sports to tender duties.

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    Convenient fender mounts

    The thoughtfully designed retainers mean your fenders are easily at hand when needed.

  • Boat specifications
    6310 m
    Dĺžka trupu
    2.320 m
    Suchá váha (kg)
    No. of persons
    Objem nádrže
    Power Range (HP)
    Extra Long
    CE Design Certification