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Tracer 700 Special Edition

The Tracer 700 is an accessible and affordable Sport Tourer that is built to take you on an exciting new journey every day. Maybe you're heading out for a quick back road blast after work - or preparing to take a long-distance tour. This versatile and exciting bike is going to be with you when those future experiences are burned into your consciousness.

The new Tracer 700 gives you the opportunity to write a new page for every day. And it can help you to turn your story into anything you want – whether alone or with friends.

V okamihu

  • Ľahké odlievané hliníkové kolesá s 10 lúčmi
  • Digitálne prístroje s plnohodnotným displejom LED
  • Adjustable screen and integrated knuckle guards
  • Accessible and affordable middleweight
  • Dvojité predné brzdové kotúče s priemerom 282 mm a 4-piestovými strmeňmi
  • Exciting sports performance with agile handling
  • Wide range of Genuine Yamaha accessories
  • Long-range 17-litre fuel tank
  • Compact tubular chassis
  • Versatile and exciting Sport Tourer
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Tracer 700

Starting with an exciting and agile platform, we've created an all-new Sport Tourer, the Tracer 700. With this background, you'd expect it to be rather special - and you'd be right.

Tracer 700 Tracer 700 Tracer 700
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