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Heavy Duty Plough Blade 54”

  • 43p-f85b0-v0-00


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Ürün Detayları
Super-handy tool suitable to shove snow, sand or gravel away with ease.
  • Most versatile, durable and high-performance plough available on the market for many heavy-duty outdoor work
  • Center cross member adds extra rigidity
  • Boxed design contributes to extra support
  • Thick and sturdy wear bar with steep angle for maximum surface scrapping
  • Special low friction powder-coated finish prevents snow to stick to the blade
  • Most complete plough due its ability to be applied with a variety of useful optional accessories such as the Plough Marker Set, Plough Blade Side Wall, Plow Lift Rope, etc. Please see enclosed application matrix for all available accessories
  • Easy to mount