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Yamaha EX/EXR Cup

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WaveRunner - EX/EXR Cup, Cavalaire-sur-Mer, France

Discover the new Yamaha EX/EXR Cup!

Open to Everyone, the EX/EXR Cup is designed to be a fun, first step into world of personal watercraft racing.

The Yamaha EX/EXR Cup is a standalone competition that will run within the P1 AquaX and Jetcross championships at race events in Western Europe and the United Kingdom and be open to the owners of EX and EXR WaveRunners purchased in 2019 through the authorised Yamaha WaveRunner dealer network.

Entry to the Cup will be free and also enable the riders to compete in the AquaX and Jetcross classes. Each event in the Yamaha series will operate as a separate Cup competition with trophies being presented on the final day of the race weekend The Cup is will be held over a P1 race weekend and will comprise either 3 or 4 individual races where competitors will score points for each race. The competitor with the most points at the end of the weekend will be the winner and take home the Cup. No points will be carried forward to the next round.