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All Terrain Tour

It’s time to experience the true meaning of All Terrain.

For the very first time the Yamaha Utility and Leisure
ATV and Side-by-Side vehicle range is on tour and ready for you to test.

Take your pick from the 2019 and 2020 line-ups, buckle up and get
ready to venture off the beaten track into the wild.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find an AT Tour stop near you, tear up the dirt and harness
the off-road thrill of Yamaha like you’ve never experienced it before.


Discover the available All Terrain models

Before going to an All Terrain Tour event make sure to check out all the available AT models and line up your choices!

Discover the range »

Yamaha All Terrain Tour


Find an All Terrain Tour event near you

Yamaha brings the 2019 All Terrain Tour to you, visiting a range of locations and giving you the opportunity to put your off-road skills to the test.

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All Terrain Tour

All Terrain Tour